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Project Description:
The project it's based in the ability to extend funtionality in the Microsoft Office 2007 suite.

Albalia (and now the FactOffice community) has developed a new Ribbon extension that installs as an Add-in on Microsoft Word 2007 to allow the management (issuing, visualization and reception) of electronic invoices, based in the spanish XML format facturae.

The Add-in uses Word as a template for data capture in the case of issuing, for visualization in a friendly way in the case of reception. Permits validate and sign with electronic signature in XAdES-EPES and XAdES-XL formats. OOXML is in this way a "container" of the facturae invoice, that can also show a defined layout.

It creates a new Ribbon entry or toolbar with dedicated electronic invoice options, under the title "facturae".

The resulting system complies with the European Directives 2006/112/CE and 1999/93/CE.

This project is carried out on the platform Microsoft Office not only because it is the tool most widespread Office market but by ease that we have found to develop on it. The quantity and quality of information available to develop in MS Office is quite enough compared to other tools on the market of similar characteristics such as OpenOffice. We was pleasantly surprised that a commercial office platform as MS Office gives the opportunity to develop in open source, whatever the final license. In our case, after evaluating various various alternatives as GPL or LGPL we have decided to publish the result under the public license MSPL due to the freedom offered with regard to future releases.

Likewise, we opted from the beginning by the use of open standards such as XAdES and Facturae, which are absolutely transparent integrated in the OpenXML document. On the other hand, from the visual point of view, usability and user experience we must mention the style revolution that resulted in the emergence of the Ribbon and custom task panes allow give to our products visual appeal that only MS Office can provide and we have not found in any other tool. In view of such satisfactory results in this project we are working from this moment on replication model on other similar use cases that require the use of vertical XML schemas and open standards, so we invite any entity receipt of this type needs to explore the extensive possibilities that offers this technology and in particular to public administrations, that surely will find MS Office one of the best allies to interact with the citizen and comply with its obligations regarding the law 11/2007 in particular with regard to the use of open standards without therefore giving usability, simplicity, security and universalization you have MS Office Tools.

  • Issuing of Electronic invoices and paper invoices.
  • Has 4 predefined templates for adjusting the requirements of the invoice.
  • Management of issued, received and drafts.
  • Invoice validation:
    • Accounting Validation
    • Facturae 3.1 Schema Validation
    • XAdES Signature Validation
  • Invoice import for visualization and/or validation (from Facturae 3.1 XML and generated by another user of the addin).
  • Invoice export in Facturae 3.1 XML.
  • Corrective/amendment invoice generation.
  • Create new invoices from one previously issued.
  • Send Invoices thru e-mail.
  • Multilanguage interface (English, Spanish and Catalan)

  • .Net Framework 3.5.
  • Compatible operating systems: Window XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Office Word 2007.
  • Microsoft Outlook for e-mail sending.
  • Internet connection during the installation process and the XAdES-EPES and XAdES-XL signing.
  • XAdES Library developed by Albalia Interactiva S.L. Downloadable from . Please read the license carefully before use.

For the Add-in: Microsoft Public License (Ms - PL)
For the bouncycastle library: The Legion of Bouncycastle (
For the Backtrust signature library developed by Albalia Interactiva S.L.:

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